Am I a Good Candidate for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement in Newbury Park?

Am I a Good Candidate for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement in Newbury Park?

Ready or not, hormone problems are on the way, and they will affect virtually everyone in Newbury Park. It is a situation where time is an enemy to everyone’s hormone state, and this is one clock that impacts us in serious ways as we age. Like most men and women, you are going to reach an age where your body stops producing the hormones you need to make your body feel as good and youthful as it used to feel. No one enjoys feeling less energetic and overly sluggish throughout the day. Experiencing thinning hair and vaginal dryness is no picnic either. Then there is the loss of a sex drive as your libido plummets. This is not only a problem for women but for men too. There have been different types of hormone replacement therapy in the past, but in more recent years the focus has turned to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

A General Analysis

Women who are considered potential candidates for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy tend to experience hormone drops like everyone else. They may get hot flashes, night sweats, thinning hair and have low libido. Men typically experience a loss of energy and low libido too. Yet, proper use of bioidentical hormones can appear to reverse many of these conditions without short-term complications. So, at first glance, it would seem like anyone who is feeling a hormone drop should get bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. However, if you are in a risk group for having known side effects to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, it may be better to abstain from using this treatment option.

The Confusion Factor

Today, with the advent of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, women are now being evaluated more individually to determine if they are a candidate for this treatment option. However, in more recent years, researchers have found that it is better to use individual risk factors as a means to determine who will be a good fit for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy versus who is not a good fit. Additionally, the lowest dose for the shortest amount of time is often used to mitigate problems associated with this therapeutic option even further. This means that a lot of people are actually good candidates, but individual risk factors and customized dosing strategies play a role in safely administering this treatment option on an individual basis.

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