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Hormone Replacement Treatment With Long-Term Results

Your Quality of Life

Over the course of our lifetimes, we go through periods of significant, natural hormone imbalances. While natural due to the effects of aging, these changes can significantly affect your quality of life. At Restoravita, we know that such hormone imbalances are a simple fact of life. If you are affected by a hormonal imbalance, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to help improve your quality of life.

An Innovative Treatment Option

Bioidentical hormones mimic the hormones that organically occur in the human body. This innovative treatment comes in a variety of forms such as pellets, injections, patches, oral capsules and creams. Our team can help you determine which of these forms may be right for you.

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Bioidentical Hormonal Replacement Therapy has helped many people improve their quality of life and it can help you too! We offer this exciting treatment option at all our locations. Schedule your consultation at Restoravita Medical today. We look forward to hearing from you! Call 805-410-1433 to learn more.

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Dr. Torres-Leon focuses on restoring optimal patient health by understanding individual health concerns, identifying their root-causes and potential improvement options, and then tailoring wellness programs and procedures to address each patient’s individual needs. Dr. Torres-Leon combines traditional medicine with custom-tailored hormonal replacement therapy, state of the art technology (equipment), and nutrition enhancements to achieve improved energy, superb sexual health and enjoyment, and optimal overall wellbeing, in order to reach the highest possible quality of life.

Dr. Rosimar Torres-Leon, MD