Urinary incontinence is a common problem that affects more than a quarter of the population. There can be several causes for the condition. It can develop during and after pregnancy and is commonly connected to obesity. It’s also more common in women. As one gets older, the chances of it occurring tend to increase. Thankfully, we provide professional treatment for this condition at our office in San Juan.

The best treatment for the condition will depend on several factors, such as the patient’s age, their mental condition and their general health. There are muscles that help control urination which can be exercised. This is known as Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises, which help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the urinary sphincter.

There are several techniques for controlling urinary incontinence. All of these techniques can help to slowly gain control of the bladder. There are also some medications for urinary incontinence that are usually used in combination with exercises or other techniques.

The truth of the matter is that urinary incontinence treatment is not one-size-fits-all. The right treatment for you will ultimately be determined during a consultation at our office in San Juan. A few simple lifestyle changes can be done in combination with professional treatments to improve your symptoms. One of these changes includes reducing your caffeine intake. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea and cola and increases the amount of urine your body produces.

During an initial consultation with our team of experts at Restoravita Medical Group in San Juan, we can help you find the best option for dealing with your urinary incontinence. Our team is at the ready to help you eliminate your problem once and for all.

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Childbirth and normal wear and tear can leave women feeling less than confident about their vaginas. There are also a number of congenital, structural issues that can have this same effect. Whether you want to heighten pleasure for both yourself and your sexual partner, or simply improve the way that tight and restrictive garments fit and feel, vaginal rejuvenation in Newbury Park can provide an effective and long-term solution. With vaginal rejuvenation, your most intimate area can be refreshed for a significantly improved appearance and better functioning overall.

Alleviate Discomfort

Certain vaginal issues can actually make it uncomfortable for women to wear many different types of clothing. Not only is this visually unappealing, but the friction that this creates can result in significant skin irritation. This can oftentimes be resolved with vaginal rejuvenation.

Improve Your Sexual Experiences

Following childbirth, the vaginal walls tend to become loose and slack. While women can certainly offset this change by performing special exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, vaginal rejuvenation in Newbury Park can provide far more rapid results and a much more dramatic change. If vaginal looseness post-childbirth has had a negative impact on your intimate relationship, undergoing this procedure should heighten your confidence and increase both your and your partner’s sexual pleasure.

Address Problems with Incontinence

There are also instances in which vaginal rejuvenation can be performed to reduce problems with incontinence. Changes in the structure and general integrity of the vagina can result in a number of embarrassing issues. After vaginal rejuvenation at our office, these issues can be a thing of the past.

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The platelets in your blood are important for two reasons. First, they help blood to clot when it’s exposed to air. This seals a wound and stops the bleeding. Second, they help to stimulate the creation of replacement tissue when an injury occurs. A cut or scrape heals over rather quickly, and we have our blood platelets to thank for that. They contribute special growth factors for the signaling and organization of tissue growth, whether it be new skin or subdermal tissues.

Recently, medical professionals in San Juan have found that concentrating a large number of platelets in a small amount of plasma is an efficient way to help injuries heal, specifically injuries to tendons and ligaments. When platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is injected directly into the adjacent tissues, the tendons, joints, and ligaments heal faster, and the individual experiences less pain during recovery from injury. Another popular use of PRP is to stimulate healthy skin growth and improve the overall appearance of an individual’s facial skin. Our San Juan clients are learning quickly about the benefits of platelet-rich plasma and how it can positively affect their appearance and even their health.

For Healing Purposes

When we consult with a client in San Juan who has concerns about pain during the healing of a strain or a damaged ligament, we may suggest PRP as a simple solution. A small amount of blood is taken from the client and spun at high speed in a specially designed centrifuge. The plasma and platelets are separated from the red and white cells. The concentration of platelets can be as high as 90 percent after centrifugation. Calcium chloride is added to activate the platelets.

The mix is injected near the injury site, and the body responds by speeding up the healing process. Growth factors in the platelets help to get rid of the damaged tissue and replace it with new material.

For Facial Skin Improvement

The PRP can be injected directly into and below the skin layers. Just as is the case with healing acceleration following injury, the body responds to the injection of a concentrated amount of platelets as though an injury had occurred. However, instead of creating new tissue to replace damage from a cut or scrape, the platelets serve as an activation agent. Several different growth factors, most of the proteins, act as a signaling mechanism for the proper creation and distribution of new skin tissue.

This helps the skin to have a more pleasing texture, and it also helps smooth away wrinkles. It doesn’t happen overnight, but after three or four treatment sessions, visible improvement is easily noticeable. The PRP has helped the body discard damaged skin cells, and it also helps fade away such types of hyperpigmentation as age spots, stretch marks, and freckles. Some individuals have even enjoyed an improvement in the visibility of melasma and rosacea after receiving PRP injections.

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The benefits are many, and the actual treatment procedure is simple and non-invasive. Letting the body heal itself without the need for surgery is something that appeals to everyone. If you’re in the San Juan area and want more information, contact Restoravita Medical Group to learn about the benefits of PRP for injury healing and for skin rejuvenation.

Ready or not, hormone problems are on the way, and they will affect virtually everyone in Newbury Park. It is a situation where time is an enemy to everyone’s hormone state, and this is one clock that impacts us in serious ways as we age. Like most men and women, you are going to reach an age where your body stops producing the hormones you need to make your body feel as good and youthful as it used to feel. No one enjoys feeling less energetic and overly sluggish throughout the day. Experiencing thinning hair and vaginal dryness is no picnic either. Then there is the loss of a sex drive as your libido plummets. This is not only a problem for women but for men too. There have been different types of hormone replacement therapy in the past, but in more recent years the focus has turned to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

A General Analysis

Women who are considered potential candidates for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy tend to experience hormone drops like everyone else. They may get hot flashes, night sweats, thinning hair and have low libido. Men typically experience a loss of energy and low libido too. Yet, proper use of bioidentical hormones can appear to reverse many of these conditions without short-term complications. So, at first glance, it would seem like anyone who is feeling a hormone drop should get bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. However, if you are in a risk group for having known side effects to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, it may be better to abstain from using this treatment option.

The Confusion Factor

Today, with the advent of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, women are now being evaluated more individually to determine if they are a candidate for this treatment option. However, in more recent years, researchers have found that it is better to use individual risk factors as a means to determine who will be a good fit for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy versus who is not a good fit. Additionally, the lowest dose for the shortest amount of time is often used to mitigate problems associated with this therapeutic option even further. This means that a lot of people are actually good candidates, but individual risk factors and customized dosing strategies play a role in safely administering this treatment option on an individual basis.

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