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Boost Your Self-Confidence & Restore Your Intimacy

Incontinence and sexual complications can be difficult to talk about, and changes can naturally occur in our bodies as we age. However, we also know how much better life can get when these problems are directly and readily addressed. The supportive team at Restoravita offers O-Shot® and Vulva Tightening in order to help you regain your confidence and restore intimacy. Call 805-410-1433 to learn more.

Safe & Effective O-Shot

The O-Shot is a unique treatment that contains the very same growth factors that everyone organically has in their bodies to stimulate clitoral and vaginal healing and rejuvenation. The O-Shot can help women with urinary incontinence and its benefits also extend to women who wish to enhance an already healthy quality of intimacy and enhanced orgasms. This is an outpatient, no downtime treatment, so that you may leave from your appointment and resume your schedule as normal.

Vulva Tightening

Vaginal rejuvenation and vulva tightening are treatment options designed to enhance the overall intimacy experience and quality of life for women. The goal for these procedures is to restore the appearance of tissue through tightening, reduction, and improved elasticity. This is also done through triggering the body’s natural function of collagen production in order to reverse the biological damages that can occur. Call 805-410-1433 to learn more.

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Dr. Torres-Leon focuses on restoring optimal patient health by understanding individual health concerns, identifying their root-causes and potential improvement options, and then tailoring wellness programs and procedures to address each patient’s individual needs. Dr. Torres-Leon combines traditional medicine with custom-tailored hormonal replacement therapy, state of the art technology (equipment), and nutrition enhancements to achieve improved energy, superb sexual health and enjoyment, and optimal overall wellbeing, in order to reach the highest possible quality of life.

Dr. Rosimar Torres-Leon, MD