GAINSWave Therapy and Peyronie’s Disease: Innovation That’s Improving Sexual Performance


GAINSWave Therapy and Peyronie’s Disease: Innovation That’s Improving Sexual Performance

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects one in ten people with a penis. There are lots of different factors that can cause erectile dysfunction, and one of the more serious causes is a condition called Peyronie’s disease. This condition causes painful, curved erections and can make sex impossible.

In the past, Peyronie’s was difficult to treat, requiring either ineffective oral medications or surgery. But now, with the advent of an exciting new treatment called GAINSWave, you can have better erections faster. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary treatment and how it can improve your sex life.

What Is Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a condition where scar tissue forms inside the penis, causing painful erections. This scar tissue can happen as a result of an injury that results in bleeding inside the penis, and you may not notice it at the time. This can happen during sex, during athletic activity, or as a result of an accident.

The scar tissue can cause a part of the penis to become stiff, which doesn’t allow it to flex during an erection. This can cause a bend in the penis, and can sometimes cause erectile dysfunction. It is most prevalent in people who have connective tissue disorders and are over the age of 55.

When You Should Seek Medical Advice

Everyone with a penis experiences erectile dysfunction from time to time. But how do you know if it’s something you should talk to your doctor about? The primary thing that you’ll want to look out for is if your penis begins behaving in a way it hasn’t, or if you start having pain during erections.

Some penises are naturally curved, but if yours develops a curve or indentations all of a sudden, go see your doctor. You should also never ignore pain during an erection; with Peyronie’s disease, the pain may go away after a while, but the problem will not. If you can feel hard, flat lumps or a band of hard tissue in your penis, you should also speak to your doctor.

What Is GAINSWave

GAINSWave is a form of extracorporeal shockwave therapy that works by sending highly targeted sound waves into the body. In many cases, these sound waves are used to promote blood vessel clearance and growth. Many erectile dysfunctions are caused by insufficient blood flow, so

GAINSWave is an all-natural, non-surgical treatment method that is almost painless. When you go in for a treatment session, you may have some local anesthetic applied, as well as a gel to promote transfer of the shock waves. Your doctor will place a wand over the area where the plaques are located and administer the low-frequency shock waves to the affected area.

How It Works

The first thing GAINSWave can do for Peyronie’s disease patients is break up the plaques that are causing the problem in the first place. Shockwave therapy has been used for decades to break up kidney stones and promote localized loss of fat tissue. Low-frequency waves can work to dissolve the hard plaques that cause a bend in the penis. 

With the plaque gone, the next thing that needs to happen is a restoration of blood flow to the penis. The shockwaves start a microinflammatory process that releases nitric oxide, a vasodialator and the active ingredient in ED medications. Over time, this promotes growth and strengthening of blood vessels, improving erections.

Who’s Eligible

If you suffer from Peyronie’s disease or have trouble getting or maintaining an erection, you’re probably a candidate for GAINSWave. This may be an ideal treatment for you if you have tried other medical treatments that have not worked for you. It can also offer a reasonable alternative to surgeries, which can be painful and have a long recovery time.

It’s important that you go into this procedure with reasonable expectations about the results. Over time, GAINSWave can help improve some of the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction, as well as improving erections in general. But it will not give you the sort of miraculous growth you see on NSFW websites.

How Fast Does It Work

Most GAINSWave procedures take less than an hour, including the time to allow for the numbing cream to take effect. The numbing cream takes about twenty minutes to set in, and then the procedure will take an additional twenty minutes. You have zero downtime after the procedure, and you can go about your day at once.

You may begin to see some results, including spontaneous erections, within twenty-four hours after the procedure. But for Peyronie’s disease, the results may take longer. You should expect to see improvement of curvature, pain, and plaque size within a few months.


In general, GAINSWave is a very low-risk procedure. It is all natural, non-invasive, and non-surgical. The biggest risk you’re likely to encounter is low effectiveness.

There are no major double-blind studies proving the effectiveness of low-intensity shockwave therapy in treatment of Peyronie’s disease. The procedure can be expensive, and insurance may not cover it. But if other treatments have not worked for you, there is some clinical evidence that GAINSWave can be effective.

Learn More About Restorative Medicine

Erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing, and Peyronie’s disease is a painful condition to deal with. But with GAINSWave, you can get your sex life back and better than ever. Talk to your doctor about if GAINSWave might be a good option for you today. 

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