Male Enhancement

Reinvigorate your intimacy with the P-Shot!

Are you self-conscious of your quality of intimacy? Has it declined from your youth? The P-Shot is an all natural male enhancement solution that can help improve the quality of intimacy with your partner as well as boost your self-confidence.

At Restoravita Medical Group, we offer premier wellness solutions including the P-Shot to enhance your quality of life. P-Shot injections offer all-natural results due to restorative properties within your own blood. Contact us today to set up your consultation with us and learn more about this exciting treatment option!

What is the P-Shot?

The P-Shot is an all natural male enhancement treatment that can revitalize intimacy with your partner. Utilizing special growth factors from a sample of your own blood, this treatment can help strengthen your manhood and rebuild your confidence without pills, surgery, or downtime.

What can be expected from the P-Shot procedure?

During your appointment, a small sample of blood will be withdrawn through a very fine needle. A member of our team will spin that sample in a centrifuge, where cells that comprise the blood will separate. Plasma will bond with special reparative properties to create what is known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The PRP solution is then administered into the genitalia where it will begin to make repairs on a cellular level, enhancing your sexual performance.

Am I a good candidate for the P-Shot?

Any man who is searching for an all natural male enhancement treatment to improve their quality of intimacy may be a potential candidate for this exciting procedure. Additionally, men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction due to a certain medical condition or side effect from a prescription may consider the P-Shot. Our team will evaluate your medical history to best determine if the P-Shot may be right for you.

Don’t let aging keep you from being intimate with your partner. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to find out if the P-Shot may be right for you! We look forward to hearing from you!