O-Shot Tag

You have probably heard about medications to help men with erectile dysfunction, like Cialis and Viagra. Maybe you are a woman who has felt left out, and you suffer with this problem. Come to find out, you are not alone. In the past, doctors simply blew the problem off as being more of a psychological issue than anything else. Today, women have their very own custom-designed solution that is different from the medications men use to resolve issues with ED. That is right, women in Newbury Park no longer have to suffer needlessly with the inability to be aroused or have an orgasm thanks to the O-Shot!

Introducing the O-Shot

After numbing the arm and the vagina, a doctor takes blood from the patient’s arm, which is then placed into a centrifuge and spun to separate the platelets from the plasma. The platelet rich plasma growth factors are then used to formulate the O-Shot. With a needle, the doctor injects the O-Shot up into the area responsible for allowing women to have orgasms. This platelet rich plasma begins to rejuvenate the vagina and clitoris, making it possible for the orgasm system of the female body to function fully. Most women have an almost immediate improvement and enjoy the effects of the O-Shot. From here, they are able to enjoy having arousals and orgasms like normal women do. Some women even state that they have very strong, frequent orgasms and an increased ability to experience a vaginal orgasm after the O-Shot.

Additional Benefits of the O-Shot in Newbury Park

While achieving arousals and orgasms are a nice benefit for women who struggle in these two areas of their sexual life, it is important to note that the O-Shot is also capable of granting women other improvements to their health and well-being. Some benefits to their genitalia are smoother vulva skin and a tighter introitus (vaginal opening). An additional improvement is that the genitalia experiences a noticeable increase in natural lubrication and decreased pain for those with a condition known as dyspareunia (painful intercourse). However, the one benefit that may prove to be even more interesting to consider is that women who get the O-Shot end up having a decrease in urinary and urge incontinence. This is good news for women who have been suffering with urinary incontinence for years—especially if the solution to their incontinence can be derived from the growth factors in their own blood.

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