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As a woman, you have to be your own advocate for your health. That means paying attention to what is going on with your body and asking for medical assistance when there is a problem. One of the most overlooked issues that most women endure is vaginal discomfort. It’s par for the course when it comes to enduring menopause for the majority. It is also typical for mothers, especially when they have gone through childbirth more than once. Vaginal discomfort may result due to a hysterectomy or when a woman has gone through chemotherapy. If it’s happening to you, think about vaginal rejuvenation.

Are You a Good Candidate for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

If you have been noticing changes in your vaginal tissues, be on guard. Common changes that women experience as they age include a loss of lubrication, irritation that is like a burning sensation, a feeling of intense pressure and discomfort like there is a urinary infection, and the sensation of loose tissues. If you have been diagnosed or treated for pelvic organ prolapse you could also be a good candidate for Vaginal Rejuvenation. If any of this sounds like what you are experiencing, you could benefit from vaginal rejuvenation.

What Happens During Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The most popular treatments for vaginal rejuvenation involve using laser energy, which is applied to your vaginal tissues with a special device. You can also opt for an injection of PRP in your vagina. PRP is platelet-rich plasma that is found in your blood. It helps to rejuvenate cells that have become damaged over time. Our team can help you to determine which procedure is best for you.

Once you have your vaginal rejuvenation treatment, your tissues will be repaired and revived. Collagen will step up production after heat has been applied to the tissues. You will promote healthy circulation to this delicate area. In the end, your lubrication should increase. As the area regains moisture, irritation should become a thing of the past. The tissue should tighten up and become more sensitive, making intimacy more pleasant.

Seek Professional Advice About Vaginal Rejuvenation

If you are serious about vaginal rejuvenation, get in touch with our experts at Restoravita Medical Group, with offices located in Newbury Park, CA and San Juan, PR. Contact us today to book a consultation and learn more information about FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation!

Are you scheduled to have a vaginal rejuvenation procedure done soon? This procedure, though very helpful in the long run, can seem daunting at first. Click here to learn everything you can expect during the procedure. You can also get a sense of what recovery will be like.

It’s no secret that our bodies change as we age. But you might be surprised to learn about all the changes your vagina goes through and why.

If you’ve been living with incontinence, vaginal dryness or other issues, a vaginal rejuvenation might be the cure you’ve been looking for.

Continue reading and we’ll tell you all about this widely popular procedure. Find out if it’s right for you, learn about the risks, and more right here.

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

A vaginal rejuvenation or a vaginoplasty is a procedure designed to tighten a vagina that’s lost some of its laxity. The lack of laxity usually comes after the muscles have separated or the tissues have become overstretched.

Childbirth, a weak pelvic floor, menopause, and physical trauma are just a few of the reasons this may happen. The end result of vaginal rejuvenation is a tighter vaginal canal.


There are many misconceptions that follow vaginal rejuvenation surgery. So that you’re aware of what you’ve signed up for, we want to set some of these rumors straight.

Untrue beliefs about vaginal rejuvenation surgery are:

It’s Unnecessary and Purely Cosmetic

No, vaginal rejuvenation isn’t a life-saving surgery. However, it can help women lead happier more comfortable lives. We’ll explain the reasons women have vaginal rejuvenation later in the article.

It’s Often Confused with Other Surgeries

Many people don’t realize that vaginal rejuvenation is only a surgery that tightens the vagina, it gets mistaken for other surgeries a lot. They include:

Labiaplasty– Allows women to change the size and or shape of their labia

Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery- Reduces the size of your clitoral hood

G-Spot Amplification (G-Shot)- The G-spot is injected with collagen to cause it to swell and become easier to find

Vaginal Rejuvenation is Permanent

Before rejuvenation, women are encouraged to think about whether they will want to have children in the future. The reason is, childbirth (even c-sections) cause vaginal changes that can potentially undo what’s been done.

Additionally, significant changes in weight, both losing and gaining it, can affect a completed procedure. This applies to surgery and non-invasive methods like FemLift.

How Can You Benefit From It?

Vaginal rejuvenation offers relief from ailments that significantly impact women’s lives. If you suffer from a leaky bladder, a birth defect, or tears and tissue damage this procedure can help you.

Leaky Bladder

A leaky bladder is more formally known as urinary incontinence. It’s more common in women than men.

Factors that can cause this leakage are trauma during childbirth, age, weak or overactive bladder muscles, and nerve damage. Diagnosis can involve various levels of testing like an ultrasound, cystoscopy, urinalysis, and a bladder stress test.

When the vaginal tissue is tightened, it gives better support to the bladder. This is how vaginal rejuvenation can offer a solution.

Birth Defects

Some baby girls are born without a vagina or one that isn’t long enough, or malformed. In these cases, certain types of vaginal rejuvenation can give them to live lives where they fit in with their peers.

These surgeries allow them the ability to urinate, menstruate, and have sex normally as they age.

Tears and Tissue Damage

Tears, tissue damage, and scarring aren’t abnormal in women who have experienced multiple childbirths or troublesome pregnancies. These injuries can cause several problems, including painful intercourse.

Vaginal rejuvenation can repair damages to give you a vagina that once again functions as it should.

What Are the Risks and Side Effects?

When choosing where to have your vaginal rejuvenation, going to a qualified doctor will minimize risks and ease your own pre-surgery jitters. Always have an open dialogue with your doctor and ask questions.

You should know how often they perform the surgery, their success rate, how they’ll handle complications, and if there is a non-surgical option present to give you the outcome you’re seeking.

Some women who have vaginal rejuvenation end up with:

An infection
More pain than before, including during intercourse
Lack of sexual satisfaction
Damage to the bowel or bladder
Nerve damage
Excessive bleeding

These risks are rare and are sometimes results of poor aftercare. Make sure you’re following the aftercare instructions.

Notify your doctor right away if a problem does arise.

What is the Surgical Process Like?

Preparing yourself for surgery can easily become a daunting and nerve-wracking task. Especially if you’re one of the many people with a general fear of anesthesia, needles, and all things medical.

Though the vulnerability can become unsettling, sometimes knowing what typically happens during a procedure can make you feel more comfortable.


Because surgery can be very stressful on your body, you will want to make sure you’re treating it well before surgery. Eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest, and exercise to keep your energy up.

Have someone you trust on call for support. They should be able to drive you to and from surgery and help you during recovery because you won’t be able to jump back into your normal routine right away.

Your doctor will also give you specific information to prepare your body’s specific needs. This can be telling you to refrain from a medication you’ve been taking that might be dangerous at this time.

During Surgery

Before your surgeon begins to operate on your vagina, they will do a bowel prep. This is to remove the feces from the colon to avoid infections. Bowel prep is usually only necessary when your colon or an area near it is getting operated on.

During the procedure, your doctor will pull the lateral walls or the levator ani muscles in your vagina to the center of the vaginal floor. This pulling narrows the vagina as a whole.

Afterward, they will need to tighten your vaginal opening which is accomplished by entering a small probe into your vagina. The probe uses radio frequency to heat the tissue which doesn’t just tighten the tissue, it encourages the growth of new collagen and elastin.

Because vaginal rejuvenation surgery is performed under general anesthesia, you won’t feel anything while your doctor is working. Most patients don’t experience pain while they’re recovering, but everyone’s body and surgery are different. If you’ve had to have more work done than someone else, it’s possible you’ll feel more pain than her.

The surgery can take 1 hour. Two hours max.

After Surgery

Once the anesthesia wears off, you can be up and walking the same day of your surgery. But you still need to be careful. For the first 6 weeks, you shouldn’t have sex or use tampons, avoid swimming and baths, and don’t do any heavy lifting.

You should be able to go back to work within 3-4 days if you’re healing properly and don’t have a physically taxing job. You should also wear loose, cotton underwear and avoid skinny jeans and other bottoms that are tight on your lower body.

You will have a follow-up visit 4-6 weeks after surgery. This allows your doctor to assess how you’ve healed and answer questions you may have. They will also tell you if it’s alright resume activities you had to stop during recovery.

Non-Invasive Alternatives

Not all cases are extreme enough to require surgery. For those, you have many non-invasive treatment options available.

The benefits of non-invasive procedures are decreased downtime, less risk of infection, and avoiding anesthesia. FemiLift works by using lasers to stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin.

These proteins make your skin feel more youthful. And as the proteins continue to grow, your vaginal tissue will righten.

With this procedure, you will require 3 doctor’s visits before you can benefit from long-lasting improvement. However, you should begin to see or feel the results increase from one treatment to the other.

Although it’s a safe treatment, FemiLift isn’t for pregnant women.

If you’d like to avoid the doctor’s office altogether, kegels, vaginal cones, and pelvic tilt exercises are natural ways to can help strengthen and tighten the vagina. However, they aren’t as powerful as vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Covered by Insurance?

Because it is considered to be elective, most insurance plans won’t cover your vaginal rejuvenation. You can run into the same conclusion if you’re considering another procedure, like a labiaplasty.

Since there are some instances where the surgery is medically necessary, speak to your insurance company for clarification regarding your plan. Also, ask your surgeon about payment options and plans.

Although prices vary by location, the standard is $8,000-$10,000.

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You don’t have to live with dissatisfaction from your body. Vaginal rejuvenation can help you restore your confidence and feminity.

It’s a safe way to relieve a plethora of ailments like vaginal dryness, decreased sexual desire, urinary incontinence, and vaginal atrophy. Schedule a consultation today to see how we can help you.

It is not uncommon for individuals to experience some kind of negative health symptom and just learn to live with it if it is not something life-threatening. It is not until years later sometimes that the problem is corrected and the person wonders why they did not get help sooner. This is something that can often happen with women. They may live with symptoms like vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, or pain during intercourse. Here are some reasons why women should consider vaginal rejuvenation in Newbury Park, CA.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure that tightens the inner and outer muscles of the vagina. This enhances the tone, control, and strength of the vaginal muscles. There are a wide variety of symptoms that women experience that vaginal rejuvenation can fix.

When you visit our Newbury Park, CA office, you can feel confident knowing that the treatments you receive are only the best and performed by the best. When you visit us for your initial consultation, we can answer any questions you have about the procedure as well as discuss your preferences and tell you about the latest surgical techniques that are available to provide optimal results.

There is some downtime required following the procedure. You will need to avoid heavy lifting. After the first 72 hours have passed, you can likely resume all regular activities. However, the results and elimination of symptoms far exceeds the necessary downtime.

If you have been considering vaginal rejuvenation and would like to learn more about the benefits it can provide, we would be happy to schedule a consultation for you. This tightening procedure has helped thousands of women who may have spent years dealing with uncomfortable symptoms to regain their femininity and to take control of their life. You can do the same. Contact us at RestoraVita Medical Group in Newbury Park, CA to learn more.

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures constitute a variety of techniques designed to make one’s female anatomy look more cosmetically pleasing or to create more pleasure during sexual intercourse. Of course, the exact procedure that is chosen will depend on one’s overall health and desired outcome. Here are a few good ways that women can know that they are excellent candidates for vaginal rejuvenation procedures in Newbury Park.

You are Unhappy with the Aesthetic Look of Your Anatomy

Women are often embarrassed by how they look in private situations. Women may be uncomfortable with the shape, size or projection of their labia, and a labiaplasty may be necessary. How you look should not keep you from a satisfying sexual experience.

You are Uncomfortable During Sexual Intercourse

You may also be a good candidate for a vaginal rejuvenation procedure if you are unable to have a comfortable sexual experience. This is particularly true for women who often experience drying or thinning of the vaginal tissues as they age, which is often due to hormonal changes. Their vaginal walls may also change following pregnancy and childbirth. Laser treatments for the vagina can help improve moisture in the area and make intercourse more comfortable.

You Have Decreased Sexual Desire

Decreased libido often occurs as a part of the aging process as well as hormone level changes. However, how you feel about yourself sexually can directly reflect on your sexual desire. Do not let embarrassment or discomfort keep you from being intimate with the one you love.

You are Generally Healthy

You will do best with a vaginal rejuvenation procedure with our team in Newbury Park if you are generally healthy, without any infections at the area and without any chronic issues that could impact how completely or quickly you heal. You should also have realistic expectations regarding the procedure and the results.

Choosing to have a vaginal rejuvenation procedure is an intensely personal decision that cannot be made in the spur of the moment. Instead, you should approach this decision with much forethought and after a full consultation with one of our experts at Restoravita Medical Group, with offices in Newbury Park and San Juan. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started.

Childbirth and normal wear and tear can leave women feeling less than confident about their vaginas. There are also a number of congenital, structural issues that can have this same effect. Whether you want to heighten pleasure for both yourself and your sexual partner, or simply improve the way that tight and restrictive garments fit and feel, vaginal rejuvenation in Newbury Park can provide an effective and long-term solution. With vaginal rejuvenation, your most intimate area can be refreshed for a significantly improved appearance and better functioning overall.

Alleviate Discomfort

Certain vaginal issues can actually make it uncomfortable for women to wear many different types of clothing. Not only is this visually unappealing, but the friction that this creates can result in significant skin irritation. This can oftentimes be resolved with vaginal rejuvenation.

Improve Your Sexual Experiences

Following childbirth, the vaginal walls tend to become loose and slack. While women can certainly offset this change by performing special exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, vaginal rejuvenation in Newbury Park can provide far more rapid results and a much more dramatic change. If vaginal looseness post-childbirth has had a negative impact on your intimate relationship, undergoing this procedure should heighten your confidence and increase both your and your partner’s sexual pleasure.

Address Problems with Incontinence

There are also instances in which vaginal rejuvenation can be performed to reduce problems with incontinence. Changes in the structure and general integrity of the vagina can result in a number of embarrassing issues. After vaginal rejuvenation at our office, these issues can be a thing of the past.

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By scheduling a consultation with us at Restoravita Medical Group, you can find out if vaginal rejuvenation can help you reach your aesthetic and functional goals. We have offices located in Newbury Park, CA and San Juan, PR. Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more!